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  • Trump Gets Bamboozled, Thinks He Won Nobel Peace Prize; Committee Laughs In His Face

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    Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his ideology of “peace by force” by an anonymous American.  Just imagine the combined satisfaction and smugness on Donald Trump’s face when he receives a Nobel Peace Prize, not to mention the amount of child-like bragging that will occur immediately after his award on Twitter.

    Unfortunately for Trump, his odds of winning such a prize are slim to none.

    According to the awarding committee, the nomination made for President Donald Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize was potentially fraudulent. The director of the Nobel Institute said there were concerns that Trump’s nomination may have been falsified.

    “I can say that we have good reason to believe that [the nomination of Donald Trump] is a fake,” Nobel Institute Director Olav Njølstad told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

    He added that “the same ‘fake’ nomination probably took place last year too.”

    Sources indicate that it is possible the nomination was submitted by a person committing identity fraud to appear eligible to nominate. For those unaware, the process for nominating candidates is highly restricted. Those who are entitled to propose candidates for the prize include members of parliament and government, former laureates, and some university professors.

    Nevertheless, the traitor-in-chief is not considered a strong candidate for the prize. Between his Muslim travel ban and his hate-filled rhetoric, the idea that Trump could bring peace anywhere is ludicrous. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who have actually made a strong impact and achieved greatness. In 2009, only a year into his term of office, former President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples,” despite Trump’s effort to discredit him.

    Trump does not deserve a prize filled with so much honor. Not now, not ever.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Dan Carr