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  • Fox News Has Had Enough; Top Reporter Absolutely Slams WH For Doing Nothing Regarding Gun Violence

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    This ought to give Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the administration something to think about in the wake of their inaction on guns after the deadliest high school shooting in American history: Even Fox News is getting sick of their shit.

    It’s not hard to see why, either — America has gotten zero indication from this administration that they either have an appetite for any action on the gun violence epidemic in this country, or if they do, whether Trump is taking any advice from previous administrations or just starting all over again from zero.

    Surprisingly, Fox’s John Roberts asked the press secretary just that:

    “Does the president have any ideas, any ideas at ALL, on how to address this, or is he starting from scratch?”

    The question, which Roberts led into with a recounting of the endless litany of preventable tragedies involving mass shooting incidents, obviously caught Sanders off guard. She was neither expecting it, nor for anything like that to come from Fox, so her answer was a sudden jerk to the plan to ban “bump stocks,” which have nothing to do with the tragedy in Florida, and is nothing short of a spit in the face of the kids in the Sunshine State who staged a lie-in in front of the White House to demand action.

    Roberts pressed on:

    “If he has to listen to a bunch of people, if he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, that would suggest that he doesn’t have any ideas.”

    Sanders stumbles again. “You’re taking my words out of context,” she stammers. Addressing Roberts’ query about “deranged individuals,” she said Trump is “very focused” on mental illness, despite the fact that he signed House Joint Resolution 40 nearly a year ago that actually made it easier for those deemed to not be mentally fit to even manage their own finances to get their hands on any sort of weapons they choose.

    In fact, the most salient point that Sarah made during the entire exchange was the fact that the White House “can’t just flip a switch” to fix a problem that’s been going on since the NRA changed from a gun safety organization to a gun sales organization. But far from even TRYING to “flip a switch,” the Trump administration isn’t even looking for the light.

    Watch the video:

    Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images