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  • Melania Posts The Most Ridiculous Tweet About Americans, Just Got Destroyed For It

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    I’d really like to “LIKE” Melania Trump, but I just can’t. The woman chose to marry the most horrible human being on the planet, but he’s also REALLY really rich (as far as she knows) so I just can’t feel sorry for her.

    Last night I watched David Letterman’s interview with President Obama, where they talk about First Lady Michelle and her kindness, and all of the wonderful things that beautiful woman has done for this country… (If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out on Netflix). After watching it, I sat here and wondered if I would feel that way about Melania Trump three years from now when her husband is finally banished from office and hopefully in a jail cell next to his spawn. Yeah, no… I don’t think I’ll feel that way about her.

    I don’t think Melania is a terrible person. In fact, I think she’s trapped in this horrible situation just like the rest of us! But she chose her situation. The rest of us didn’t. AND again… She’s also rich, so anything else I can say to try to sympathize with her is probably invalid at this point.

    Hypocrisy seems to be her middle name.

    Check out her latest tweet:

    I just can’t even.

    Her sentiments fell on deaf ears, especially after the deadly shooting on Valentine’s Day. The fact that she had the audacity to even tweet ANYTHING about kindness is astounding.

    Melania is married to the biggest asshole known to humankind, and America didn’t let her forget it.

    Some of these responses are pretty brutal and I hope she read every single one:

    I said it might get brutal:

    And even WE had to wonder about this for a second…

    This last one we found is probably the biggest “TRUTH” in response to her tweet:

    Yes. He violates EVERYTHING daily. The man needs to be stopped. Thank you, Mrs. Trump, for helping us to make sure that your husband’s new suit will match his skin and hair. 😉

    Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer