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  • Trump Finally Comes Clean About Domestic Violence, America In Shock (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump has quite the history of defending men who have abused women, as well as ignoring his own abusive history with them. That’s precisely why no one was surprised when Trump defended former White House staffer Rob Porter, who resigned from the White House over a week ago due to domestic violence allegations from two of his ex-wives.

    However, Trump has been under pressure to speak out against domestic violence and go against his original statements about how Porter was innocent and a great man. Today, he finally decided to publicly make a statement, and he might as well have kept his mouth shut. In speaking to the White House press corps in the Oval Office, Trump finally answered reporters’ questions about the abuse scandal involving Porter and Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

    Trump said:

    “I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind, and everybody here knows that. I’m totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. Everyone knows that. And it almost wouldn’t even have to be said. So, now you hear it, but you all know it.”

    You can watch Trump lie through his teeth below:

    Trump didn’t even offer any apologies to Porter’s abuse victims, the women he completely discredited when he first defended Porter’s innocence several days ago. Or acknowledge all of the other times he defended men like Roy Moore who were blatantly guilty of abusing women.

    Trump may not have realized it, but by making his statement he has unintentionally made himself look even worse. Most Americans do not believe that Trump opposes violence against women — he has even bragged about sexually assaulting women on camera! Not to mention, a horrific reminder about the time Trump beat and raped Ivana is now circulating thanks to this statement. No one should ever let Trump forget that this happened:

    Once again, Trump’s hypocrisy will destroy his presidency. This man deserves to be behind bars — not in the White House.

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    Patti Colli

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