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  • Trump Caught Leaking Damaging Info About John Kelly To Press, White House Imploding (TWEET)

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    Considering all the nonsense that Donald Trump gives the media for “fake news,” what has just been discovered about Trump is going to bring even more shame to the White House.

    Recently, it’s been widely documented that Trump’s relationship with his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, has taken a turn for the worse after Kelly defended former White House staffer Rob Porter — a man who was recently accused of beating two of his ex-wives. As this meltdown between Kelly and Trump continues on, you may have noticed that there have been several leaks coming from the White House, which have made Kelly look even worse. No one knew where these leaks were coming from — until now.

    According to the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, these leaks are coming from the president himself. Haberman took to Twitter to report just how awful the morale in Trump’s White House is, and that many staffers believe that their own colleagues have been lying about their roles in this whole Porter fiasco. Haberman wrote:

    “Several White House aides have described a diffuse situation as opposed to a more precise one last year when the focus of attacks was either Priebus or Bannon. Most think the people directly involved in retaining Porter are lying to some degree.”

    Haberman then brought up the horrific incident when Trump said Nazis were “very fine people” after the Charlottesville attack as the moment that the morale in the White House sunk beyond repair. And apparently, Trump is now doing far worse to further damage his own administration — Kelly’s allies believe Trump is leaking dirt on him to the media! Haberman reported:

    “The morale was already quite low in the Kelly era for several staff. But this is worse than it’s been since Charlottesville. And after dismissing Kelly dismissal talks as spread by Mooch/others, people close to Kelly now realize it’s coming from Trump.”

    Here’s her tweet:

    Trump is literally sinking his own ship right now — and he’s taking everyone down with it.

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