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  • Paul Ryan Finally Comes Out Against Trump, Acts Like A Human Being For First Time In His Life (VIDEO)

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    As the public outrage over former White House staffer and wife beater Rob Porter grows, House Speaker Paul Ryan has now called on Trump to condemn domestic violence in public.

    Reporters questioned the speaker at a press conference about the president’s silence over the Rob Porter incident, noting that neither has Trump spoken against the abuser nor has he sympathized with the fight against domestic violence in general.

    MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Ryan, “Do you think the White House should publicly condemn domestic violence. Should the president?”

    He replied, “Absolutely! Look, I can’t speak for what (Rob Porter) did because I don’t even know the answer to that. But clearly, clearly we should — I mean, come on — clearly, we should all be condemning domestic violence. And if a person who commits domestic violence gets in the government, then there’s a breakdown in the system. There’s a breakdown in the vetting system. And that breakdown needs to be addressed.”

    Ryan’s statement comes as a surprise for some — he is notorious for supporting Trump no matter what he does. The Wisconsin Representative has never spoken against his president no matter what the racist, sexist, xenophobic moron said or did, so seeing him draw the line at domestic violence after implicitly condoning Trump’s other behavior struck many as odd.

    Perhaps the reasons for Trump’s silence over the domestic abuse incident are:

    • He is a wife abuser himself. Even if there is no evidence of physical violence against his many wives, at the very least he is obviously guilty of mental and emotional abuse. Trump abused his wife, humiliated her in public, and cheated on her. Why would he sympathize with someone else’s wife when he doesn’t respect his own?
    • Trump has a history of employing wife beaters. It would be hypocritical of him to accuse only one.
    • The alleged president is a misogynist. He has no sympathy for women and doesn’t care about their rights or autonomy in general.

    Let’s watch how Trump responds to this call, if at all he does.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images