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  • Trump Uses White House Meeting With Foreign Power To Promote His Businesses; This Is Unprecedented

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    Last May, Donald Trump welcomed to the White House Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, who was scheduled to speak with Vice President Mike Pence in a closed-door meeting. As stated in a readout of the meeting released by the White House, Pence “emphasized the importance of Georgia’s significant contributions to global security” and “reaffirmed U.S. support for Georgia’s decision to pursue integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions, including NATO.

    He also reiterated the Trump administration’s commitment to Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    However, Trump orchestrated a meeting of his own, and instead of discussing the issues at hand, Trump decided to pitch a real estate project that he’s been “working” on to the world leader.

    According to Forbes, Trump brought up plans to build a Trump Tower in Georgia during his meeting with the prime minister. As president, Trump has vowed to not be involved in making deals that benefit his businesses as it essentially initiates a conflict of interest. Instead, Trump handed down the responsibilities for running his businesses to his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. But it appears that the real estate mogul broke his promise to millions of Americans (go figure).

    As the New Yorker mentioned:

    “The deal, for which Trump was reportedly paid a million dollars, involved unorthodox financial practices that several experts described to me as ‘red flags’ for bank fraud and money laundering,” the publication writes. “Moreover, it intertwined his company with a Kazakh oligarch who has direct links to Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin.”

    It should definitely raise concerns that Trump is still making shady deals and profiting off of his own businesses, while still promoting a false narrative to Americans. Without question, this is an impeachable offense, yet Republicans turn a blind eye to it. Trump has been a con artist for years, and he gets away with it without any consequences. He believes that he is above the law, and the only reason he believes that is because our broken government doesn’t do a damn thing to stop him.

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