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  • Leaked Info Reveals Trump About To Issue Executive Order That Will Tear America Apart


    President Donald Trump has gone on a rampage with his executive orders in the first days of his presidency that have caused both confusion and revulsion throughout the country and the world. His latest order, which banned Muslims from seven countries from coming to the United States, has caused so many problems. Yet, it appears there’s more to come and this one is even more dangerous than the last because it targets immigrants who are already here and established.  According to this  executive action, there would be deportation of any immigrants who use the government for assistance. Here’s what Vox reported:

    “This executive action, though — according to the draft obtained by Vox, which seems consistent with the Post’s reporting — would ask the Department of Homeland Security to issue a rule saying that an immigrant can’t be admitted to the US if he’s likely to get any benefit ‘determined in any way on the basis of income, resources, or financial need.'”

    “People who use any of those benefits and are in the US on visas would be subject to deportation. And the order would even require the person who sponsored an immigrant into the US to reimburse the federal government for any benefits the immigrant used (something that the government can theoretically ask for in individual cases now, but rarely does).”

    So, it’s not just undocumented immigrants who are targeted: Trump is actually going after people who are here legally. Trump, along with his henchmen, have long believed that immigrants are a drain on the country and they are following through on their promise to target them. However, it’s not just undocumented immigrants, but those who are here legally. Many of these immigrants have families who are American citizens.

    Trump’s lack of thought on these impulsive executive orders is tearing the country apart and it’s also anti-American.

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