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  • Israeli Prime Minister Begs Trump For Help After Police Just Recommended He Be Charged For Bribery

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    There’s never been much doubt around the world as to whether or not Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal — as the former and now current Prime Minister of Israel, and a man who has overseen the wholesale slaughter of not just Palestinian fighters, but of women and children, he most certainly is.

    Unfortunately, the world seems reluctant to punish other leaders for this kind of behavior, for fear that they might be prevented from taking such actions themselves, should they deem it “necessary” to the survival of their own nations.

    And being as Israel is the only Western-friendly democracy in the Middle East, it’s usually been in the United States’ interests to side with whoever is in charge of the country, which celebrates its 70th year of existence this year, after displacing the country that existed there geographically before it, Palestine.

    But since it’s pretty hard to nail someone for war crimes — which is why despite being convicted of war crimes in absentia in Kuala Lumpur, George W. Bush is still free to paint creepy pictures of himself at his home in Texas — authorities have had to try and find another way to bring down the man they call “Bibi” Netanyahu.

    That’s why Israeli police are taking him down Al Capone style: by cornering him on lesser charges that are more easily proven.

    Bribery, for example. Police in his country have recommended to the Attorney General of Israel that Netanyahu be arrested on two counts of bribery, after a lengthy investigation that involved the Prime Minister’s entire family.

    Of course, since he’s not required at this point to resign, Netanyahu has no intention of doing so:

    But in order to maintain any sense of authority, Bibi will need some outside help, that he undoubtedly believes will come from the United States, and his good pal Donald Trump.

    Watch him try to lean on the American president, and likely we’ll see birds of a feather once again.

    Featured image via Ben Gershom/Handout/Getty Images