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  • Trump Breaks Yet Another Promise To America. This One Will Destroy Us (DETAILS)

    Donald Trump

    Even Donald Trump’s most die-hard, loyal supporters have noticed that the man who they thought would be the answer to their prayers is actually just full of sh*t. Trump has let down Americans time and time again, starting the second he walked into the White House. Trump has lied his a** off every day since then, and screwed over more people than can ever be counted — and he’s done it again.

    Fourteen months before Trump won the election, you may recall that he promised to make sure that America would never run a $400 billion budget deficit again. While Trump has kept his promise (sort of), what he’s actually done is far worse. Trump and the GOP are now going to run a deficit that will top $1 trillion! That’s two and a half times more than the deficit Trump whined about in his 2015 rally in New Hampshire. And unfortunately, that $1 trillion annual deficit will likely last far longer than Trump’s presidency, even if he somehow gets elected for a second term (shudder).

    Capitol Hill budget veteran Stan Collender weighed in on this disaster and said:

    “He tried to make it seem that he could cut taxes, raise spending and eliminate deficits all at the same time, to make it seem like he’s a miracle worker. It’s impossible. People who believed him really don’t understand how things work.”

    Trump has made insane promises to the American people — none of which he had any hope of keeping. In March 2016, Trump said he’d eliminate annual deficits and pay off the $20 trillion national debt completely in only 8 years. Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, pretty much said Trump was full of sh*t. She said:

    “They are catapulting us toward trillion dollar deficits. The president has no interest in leading on hard choices.”

    Critics of Trump’s disgusting deficit and disastrous budget proposal have called it unrealistic. As Collender said, “His budget has nothing to do with reality.”

    Once again, Trump is working hard to doom our country.

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    Patti Colli

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