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  • Trump Acts Like A B*tch, Blocks Victim Of Spousal Abuse On Twitter; Internet Makes Him Regret It

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    Jennie Willoughby is a name you should know by now, but sadly you probably don’t. That’s because all the media can seem to focus on — and the only thing the president himself has commented on — is how the Rob Porter “scandal” affects his life, with very little consideration for his victims. Willoughby is Rob Porter’s ex-wife — the one whose bruised face you’ve undoubtedly now seen pictures of, despite probably not knowing her name.

    Jennie joined Twitter on January 27th, just after the news of her case broke. Understandably, her limited tweets are all about the same subject, but clearly people care about it, because she already has nearly 5,000 followers after just over two weeks on Twitter.

    Somebody who most certainly isn’t following her, however, is one Donald Trump — you know, that president guy. This guy:

    Trump isn’t just not following Jennie Willoughby, though. He actually blocked her on the social media platform, preventing her from messaging him. Blocking someone, however, is the act of sending a message: “I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t even want to accidentally see anything you post.”

    That’s what happens when you block someone on Twitter — it’s not just a matter of muting them or not seeing them as often, or anything like that. It’s making it so that even other people can’t make you see someone’s message with a retweet. It’s ensuring you will never be exposed to something you don’t like.

    Like a little bitch.

    President Snowflake took great exception to Ms. Willoughby’s five little tweets.

    Maybe it was this one that bothered him enough to block her:

    But Jennie’s supporters — and the rest of America — know that Donald Trump knows the truth.

    And at least one famous tweeter — who has been blocked by Trump herself — agrees with my own assessment of the president:

    Jennie, the world is yours, and we are here for you.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images