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  • Top MSNBC Reporter Destroys Trump Live On Air For His Total And Utter Incompetence Over Leaked Intel

    Donald Trump, Politics

    On Monday, MSNBC journalist Katy Tur eviscerated President Trump on live television by listing his history of poor handling of sensitive information. Tur went through a list of clangers that had been dropped by the controversial president during his short period in office. Her litany included “those facts that Donald Trump has done or allowed in the past year in office, the Kislyak meeting, the Kushner access, the Porter access, the GOP memo, the unsecured phone in the early days of his administration [etc].”

    These were all actual proven facts and didn’t include many other potential infringements that the president has been linked to — and she barely mentioned Russia. Considering Trump’s heavy attacks on Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, it seems amazing that he has the guts to freely and openly boast about the information that he is privy to in his job and has been noted for his bragging to contacts.

    Tur’s reporting was clear and concise and shows that Trump is indeed a national security risk himself. The blatant misuse of information has damaged the credibility of the White House and Tur was right to bring it to light. But so far this has done little to make any impact on Trump, as the man seems to not possess a sense of shame or self-awareness.

    But this new report will make little difference to Trump’s base. The base appears to follow Trump in an almost cult-like mindless approach. To them these reports are just more “fake news” and Trump revels in it. It is this seeming inability to remove the base’s support from Trump that is the biggest issue for the Democrats moving forward. Joe Biden is a heavyweight politician, but he will need to move mountains to get Trump’s base to support him — or plan on winning without them.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images