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  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Raging Meltdown As Reporters Corner Her Over Trump (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is having a REALLY hard time keeping it together these days. Obviously tired of defending Donald Trump every day and running out of lies to tell, Huckabee Sanders had a royal meltdown during today’s press briefing when she tried to defend her boss for not speaking out publicly about domestic violence.

    In the press briefing earlier today, reporters grilled Huckabee Sanders about why the president hadn’t publicly spoken out yet, especially since his former aide, Rob Porter, had just resigned over spousal abuse allegations. ABC Correspondent Cecilia Vega asked Sanders:

    “Why haven’t we heard the president say what you said right there, that he takes domestic violence very seriously?”

    Huckabee Sanders tried to get around it at first. She said:

    “I spoke with the president and those are actually his words that he gave me directly today. It’s my job to speak on behalf of the president. I spoke to him and he gave that message directly to me and I read it directly to you.”

    But no one was having it. Another reporter cornered Huckabee Sanders by pointing out that Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, had spoken up against the domestic violence allegations. The reporter said:

    “Why not use this as an opportunity to say something like that? Why does he have to speak through you?”

    Huckabee Sanders then got in a tense back and forth with reporters, firing back, “The president has been clear multiple times through myself and others in the administration that we condemn domestic violence.”

    The reporter continued to press Huckabee Sanders, asking “Why has he not said it?” Huckabee Sanders was clearly losing patience, and said:

    “I’m the spokesperson for the White House and the president. And I’m saying it to you right now.”

    When the reporter asked again why Donald himself has been silent, Huckabee Sanders nearly exploded:

    “I’m not sure how I can be any more clear. The president has espoused his views on this and I certainly have echoed them for everyone.”

    The correspondent reminded her, “He said that he wishes Porter well and people should have due process. But he hasn’t addressed the victims of domestic violence.”

    Huckabee Sanders continued to argue, shooting back,

    “He literally dictated that statement to me. And so I’m not sure how that’s not the president speaking.”

    You can watch a video of this heated exchange below:

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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