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  • Trump Cries Like A Bi*ch, Blames Obama For His Problems; What Happened Next Was Humiliating

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    Republicans have been in control for over a year now of all branches and haven’t fixed a single issue. Not only that, but the GOP and so-called president have consistently been blaming the Obama administration for all their failures and corruption.

    On Saturday, Trump went on a Twitter rant, saying he’s been “victimized” by the Obama administration through its allegedly flawed application for a surveillance warrant on a former campaign foreign policy adviser. What is worse is that Trump tried to validate this claim by sourcing Fox News.

    Trump tweets:

    “My view is that not only has Trump been vindicated in the last several weeks about the mishandling of the Dossier and the lies about the Clinton/DNC Dossier, it shows that he’s been victimized. He’s been victimized by the Obama Administration who were using all sorts of…….”

    He continues:

    “….agencies, not just the FBI & DOJ, now the State Department to dig up dirt on him in the days leading up to the Election. Comey had conversations with Donald Trump, which I don’t believe were accurate…he leaked information (corrupt).” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch on @FoxNews

    For those unaware, Trump is referring to a recent argument made by Republicans, accusing the Obama State Department of providing ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, information from Clinton associates which he then used to reinforce his own dossier that he eventually gave to the FBI. Although the significance of the information given to Steele are not yet clear, the impact is already being felt as key Republican leaders suggest publicly that they see evidence of a partisan bias against Trump that fueled Steele’s dossier.

    As reported by CNN:

    “The Republican memo, spearheaded by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, alleges the FBI abused its surveillance authority by not revealing that the Steele dossier, which was used as part of a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, was funded partly by Clinton’s campaign.The Nunes memo accuses the Russia probe of being infused with anti-Trump bias under the Obama administration and supported by the dossier.” 
    Many on Twitter proceeded to humiliate the president for shifting the blame on the Obama administration:

    Republicans can play the blame game all they want, but nothing is certain without the proof to back up these claims. As for Trump, every time he post one of these “I’m innocent” tweets,  it makes him sound even more guilty. Trump is truly delusional if he thinks he’s been vindicated. People who have been vindicated don’t feel so desperate to prove it. News flash Trump: No one is buying your distraction tactics.

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