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  • Furious Trump Just Made Announcement About John Kelly, All H*ll Breaks Loose At White House

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    President Donald Trump is growing increasingly furious with the situation around his chief of staff John Kelly. The irascible president is now seeking a permanent replacement for Kelly due to the lack of handling of the situation surrounding Rob Porter and his ex-wives. According to NBC sources, the president is speaking to several potential candidates for the job and is seriously considering John Kelly’s position. The troubled chief of staff had himself offered his resignation earlier in the day but so far it has not been accepted. Kelly has been excoriated in public for saying on Wednesday, “there is no place for domestic violence in our society,” while going on to defend Porter.

    The revelations have an opportunity to spiral out of control and to cause even more damage to the ailing presidency. Donald Trump needs no more bad news and the loss of John Kelly will be devastating to President Trump who considers him one of his greatest allies in the White House. The lack of somebody with Kelly’s experience in the White House will throw more doubt on the ability of the Trump administration to carry out its term until 2020.

    It is clear that the president’s frustration is born out of his own defense of Porter, not only John Kelly’s. Trump is well known for his misogynistic ways and it is ironic that he has found such fury at the mistreatment of women on this occasion. John Kelly remains in his position but as this is a moving situation it could change it anytime. Media commentators are licking their lips at the thought of Trump having to remove yet another one of his loyal subjects.

    Trump himself will find the situation embarrassing and annoying as having to replace another senior member of his administration in the short period since he took to the office.

    He now also has to worry about elections in 2018 and the prospect of the rise of Joe Biden as the leading candidate for the Democrats to face him in 2020. The veteran, who was vice president to Barack Obama, has seemingly now almost confirmed he will run as the Democrat candidate for the presidency in 2020 against Trump and will provide a formidable opponent for Trump to face up against.

    Featured image via Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images