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  • Trump Stunned After Landing In Cincinnati, Receives Welcome He’ll Never Forget

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    Nothing seems to be going right for Donald Trump lately.

    Quite apart from the bloody nose Trump and the Republican Party took over the much-hyped but ultimately underwhelming “Nunes Memo,” the president seems to be having a hard time even rallying much support from the masses since all the air went out of the room with the name Stormy Daniels. The hilarious attempt at denials and cover-up made it clear that the administration is a complete joke, even beyond what we all previously suspected.

    And now that America has seen that it barely needs to take Trump seriously even as a person, let alone as a president, the protests seem to follow him wherever he goes. Case in point: Trump and his wife Melania boarded Air Force One Monday (with no small degree of drama) on their way to Ohio, where the president was scheduled to blather on to a disinterested crowd about how wonderful he is and how much he’s accomplished.

    But upon touchdown in the Buckeye State, Trump was greeted in a way that he’s become accustomed to more and more, even overseas during what are ostensibly non-America-related events — with massive protests.

    A progressive group called “For Ohio’s Future” organized a rally against Trump to greet him as he arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and if any of the president’s actual fans wanted to show up and drown them out, they were out of luck — the tour Trump did of the Sheffer plant, where American workers make pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, was closed to the public. That was despite the fact that he was there to talk up the new Republican tax law that Paul Ryan recently bragged about, when he tweeted (and then deleted his tweet) about a woman who told him she was just thrilled about the extra dollar and a half per week she would be getting — as corporations rake in millions in tax savings.

    Of course Cincinnati, like Cleveland and Columbus, Akron and Toledo, is an urban area. The vast majority of Trump’s support comes from rural exurbs, suburbs, and sub-exurbs — not to mention low-population “brain drain” towns where everyone with a college degree has moved away to a big city.

    Maybe if Donnie wants to visit someplace friendly he can go order a Big Mac for when he gets home. Just make sure you stop someplace small — maybe where they don’t recognize your face.

    Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images