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  • TV Host Shocked As Sarah Sanders Tries To Defend Trump’s Accusation That Dems Are Murderers (VIDEO)

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    The government has been shut down because Republicans could not handle looking like they were giving even one inch to Democrats in budget negotiations. This is the first time that a shutdown’s occurred when a single party controls Congress as well as the White House. The Trump administration responded to the filibuster by releasing a video ad jumping several hoops and somehow connecting Democrats to murder. It was largely criticized by both sides of the political aisle, with House Speaker Paul Ryan meekly calling it “not productive.”

    Others were rightfully outraged, with Republican pundit Jennifer Rubin calling the ad a “parade of lies and racism.” Rubin also added that the ad positioned the Republican Party as a party that has been boiled down to a single issue: race and xenophobia.

    Marc Short, the current White House director of Legislative Affairs and assistant to President Trump, also tried to distance himself from the ad. He noted that the ad was made by an “outside group” – even though President Trump’s voice was at the end of the ad, saying that he approved of the message.

    Then there are others with entirely lackadaisical responses. One of those people is Sarah Sanders, who was asked about the ad during her interview on Good Morning America. Typically she breaks away from direct questions and refers to the Trump campaign and what it represents. However, she showed her full support by saying that “the president’s number one job, as commander in chief and the president, is national security.” While grinning, she added that “we cannot protect American citizens, we cannot protect this country, if we don’t secure our border.”

    The host, as well as audiences, were taken aback.

    Sarah Sanders Has A History With Trump

    Sanders has a long history of defending President Trump at every turn. Sanders defended him when he used racially insensitive terms to describe colleagues, against accusations of misconduct, and even when he re-tweeted several anti-Muslim videos from a known white nationalist group.

    Grow a backbone, girlfriend.

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