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  • Paul Ryan Left Humiliated After Host Couldn’t Stop Laughing At Him For Defending Trump (VIDEO)

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    The Republicans control every branch of our government. But they have failed to organize, eventually crumbling, and now causing the government to shut down. Thousands of federal employees won’t report to work on Monday, including more than a thousand members of the Executive Office. Some national parks and attractions will be closed, and our troops won’t be paid. Republicans are blaming the Democratic minority for their dysfunction.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is one of Trump’s lackeys who is pushing this invented narrative. During an interview with CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” newly-minted host John Dickerson asked Ryan why Trump has failed to fulfill his promise to fix what is “broken” in Washington. Ryan turned around and went on the offense.

    Paul Ryan’s Interview On CBS News

    Paul Ryan asserted that the government shut down was not the Republicans’ fault. “Why do they call this the ‘Schumer shutdown?’ Because Senate Democrats shut down the government.” Ryan was referring to a hashtag that the White House started promoting on Twitter to shift the blame onto Democrats.

    Host Dickerson was not having it, chuckling at this statement. He reminded Paul Ryan that only Republicans called it the “Schumer shutdown.” “I’m not trying to assign blame, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on,” Dickerson quipped.

    Why Is The Government Shut Down?

    This is the first shutdown of the government when one single party controlled the White House and Congress. The shutdown was because the spending bill did not include the appropriate relief for DACA recipients — immigrants who arrived as children and were protected against deportation by an executive action enacted by former President Barack Obama. It was an executive action that Trump has since revoked, and is now trying to reverse. The Democrats are doing their best to ensure that they are taken care of, and their path to citizenship is fully realized.

    For now, our governing institutions are in a bit of a limbo.

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