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  • Military Families Are Shocked As Pence Speaks To Our Troops Abroad, And Lies Directly To Their Faces

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    On Sunday morning, Vice President Mike Pence made it clear that he intends to abandon his Christian faith and lie along with the rest of the Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration about who, exactly, is responsible for the government shutdown.

    Republicans continue to insist that “America knows” who’s behind the shuttering of government services over two issues that both parties seemingly have a lot of common ground on. But they’re dead wrong in their assessment of who that is: America, by and large, correctly believes that it is the GOP who has caused this shutdown. That’s easily evidenced by the fact that the two items ostensibly holding up the vote — DACA and CHIP — were both non-issues until Republicans screwed them up.

    The repeal of DACA was a pointless political exercise that Trump forced Republicans to go along with in order to maintain support among the racist GOP base. And the children’s health insurance program, which expired 4 months ago, has now been exposed as a cynical tool that Republicans always intended to use during a budget debate, to try and make Democrats look like they were monsters.

    But the latest sticking point in this entire debacle has been military pay and death benefits, both of which are frozen during a government shutdown.

    The Vice President traveled to the Middle East this weekend — possibly to get away from the capital altogether — and addressed US troops stationed there early Sunday:

    “Standing behind me and standing before me today here at this American air base are Americans who are literally paying the price for the government shutdown in Washington, D.C. The reality is, that the Democrat minority in the Senate decided to put politics ahead of their military pay (gestures to soldiers behind him). And I wanted these soldiers to know that we’re with them. That we’re not gonna stand for it. I wanted them to know that we’re gonna work earnestly to move this process forward, to reopen the government, to ensure them that — and their families that — they’ll get the benefits and pay that they’ve earned.”

    The problem with that is that even here at home, military families and the soldiers in them know that Democrats actually TRIED to introduce bills during the shutdown debate that were clean — that is to say, completely apart from the rest of the fight, attached to nothing and with nothing attached — that would have fully funded everything military-related. Mitch McConnell, without looking up from whatever it is that turtles-made-human eat, unequivocally said no:

    The Vice President should really decide to get right with his God before he goes and lies right to the faces of the very troops he’s claiming to care about.

    Featured image via Chris Kleponis/Pool/Getty Images