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  • Sarah Sanders Shocks Room Full Of Women With Sexist Remark; Ivanka Chimes In, Makes It Worse (VIDEO)

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    White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is under fire again, this time for her comments at a women’s rally. She hinted that the women’s husbands buy them presents and jewelry. More used to dealing with her boss’s issues, Sanders is now having to deal with things that have come out her own mouth. “Give your husbands, your boyfriends her contact information,” Sanders recommended when she heard that a fellow speaker at the White House event was a jewelry store owner.

    Perhaps she is now trying to take the pressure off of her boss, Donald Trump, by making her own clangers rather than covering for his. The comments do not paint the White House press secretary in a great light and as a proud feminist you would expect more from Sanders.

    The outburst from Sanders shows just how far away from reality the White House really is. It seems unlikely that at any time in the past a White House press secretary would have made such a glaring error of judgement. This sort of problem is now normal for the White House and an almost everyday occurrence.

    We now may be in the strange situation that Donald Trump has to come out for his spokesperson rather than the other way round in what would be an embarrassing turn of events for a failed administration.

    Sanders showed an amazing lack of professionalism in her comments, which were echoed by Trump’s daughter Ivanka, but Ivanka is not the White House Press Secretary. Though the occasion was somewhat informal, Sanders is still a very senior official in the White House and would be expected to be more guarded with her comments. The whole issue shows that there is a wider problem of a lack of professionalism in the Trump administration and this is yet another show of it.

    Watch the video here:

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