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  • White House Staff Just Rushed Trump Away In Limo After What He Just Did In Shocking Development

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    The Coward-in-Chief avoided the press after a disastrous weekend, where Hawaii residents received a false alarm for an incoming nuclear missile. At that time, he was busy tweeting about nonsense and golfing, instead of addressing the anxieties of Americans, who already have a distrust of this government. It was also a weekend where Trump lashed out at Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries, calling them “sh*tholes.”

    While avoiding the press for his lack of response to Hawaii and his racially insensitive remarks, White House reporters were forced to keep away from him all weekend.

    What’s A “Lunch Lid”?

    A “lid” is when White House representatives or the President put a stop on the press, suspending further interviews and questions.

    Trump declared a “lunch lid” following a golf trip this Sunday, requiring that White House reporters be moved for a trip to Mar-A-Lago. Reporters were picked up, driven around, and returned to Mar-a-Lago. However, reporters were stopped, and the return was canceled. After driving around West Palm Beach, the transport vans returned to the hotel instead. Trump himself was simultaneously whisked around in the presidential limousine.

    White House Reporters Were Replaced

    Trump, instead of facing the heat after a gross weekend, invited several of his lackeys and worshipers for a photo-op.

    However, the power of the free press still stands, even if you surround yourself with friendly intel during official ceremonies.

    Last Friday, President Trump was attending a ceremony to celebrate and recognize Martin Luther King Day, where he said that Dr. King represented the “self-evident truth Americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin, or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by God.” It’s a statement that was ridiculous since it went against his comments about immigrants.

    When reporters started to ask questions, he darted away. April Ryan, chief for American Urban Radio Networks, asked if the president was racist. President Trump ran out, without answering.

    Today’s attempted press pool – turned into a “quick private thank you,” according to the White House – was no different.

    His contempt and prejudice for minorities are being exposed, and he can’t take the heat, apparently.

    Featured image via Getty/Pool