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  • Trump Ordered To Have Head Examined By Doctors After Results Of Physical In Stunning Development


    Although White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson announced that the so-called leader of the free world is “in excellent health,” following his physical examination on Friday, more than seventy doctors have requested for President Donald Trump to receive mental health tests.

    As CNN reported Saturday afternoon:

    “Jackson received an urgent letter from dozens of doctors and health professionals Thursday urging him to perform basic mental health tests on the President.
    While reviews of the past five presidents’ physical exams show only a brief mention of mental health and none of the records includes a readout of the mental health tests, this letter points out that mental evaluations are routine during physicals, particularly for patients who are 66 or older. Trump is 71. Medicare guidelines suggest patients in this age range should be evaluated for cognitive and neural health function.”
    Of course, the White House refuses to answer or give any type of input into Trump’s mental state, referring to questions about Trump’s mental health as “laughable.”
    However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that Trump may be suffering from some type of mental illness, considering his age and his sporadic behaviors. Expert doctors have noted in the letter there is some “increasing concern” that the President may be struggling with some mental health challenges and they recommend the President’s doctor screen Trump for dementia.
    CNN continued:
    “Problems these experts say they have observed include rambling speech; episodes of slurred speech; failure to recognize old friends; frequent repetition of the same concepts; decreased fine motor coordination; difficulties reading, listening and comprehending; suspect judgment, planning, problem solving and impulse control; and markedly declining vocabulary in recent years, with overreliance on superlatives, according to the letter.”
    The letter concludes that a mental health evaluation is a must because “the health of the President relies on it — as do American lives and the safety of our nation.”
    Trump may not even be aware that he has a mental health problem, so screening him should be a rational option. Whether Trump complies with the doctor’s request is the real question here. We will see how this all unfolds in the next upcoming days.
    Featured Image via Getty Images