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  • More Racist Comments From Trump Come To Light, America Is Done With Him (DETAILS)

    Donald Trump

    Despite how blatantly racist Donald Trump is, everyone was shocked by his recent comments about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations when the president stated that they were from “sh*thole countries.” It was a disgusting, horrific statement to come out of the mouth of a president, and set a new low for America.

    Following this debacle, more of Trump’s racist statements are now coming to light, which will only further humiliate the country. Apparently, Trump wasn’t aware that people other than African Americans are welfare beneficiaries – and had no idea that most people on welfare are actually white!

    It has just been reported by NBC that in the spring of 2017, Trump met with Congressional Black Caucus members and was exposed for his cluelessness and racism right on the spot. One of the members told Trump that reforming welfare would be detrimental to many Americans, and she added “Not all of whom are black.”

    Trump was beside himself. This was his reaction:

    “Really? Then what are they?”

    Trump apparently has no idea that the biggest beneficiaries of government safety-net programs are white, and clearly thinks that only black people are on welfare. This amount of incompetence, prejudice, and all-over ignorance is something a President of The United States should never possess.

    Statistically speaking, a little over 40 percent of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients are white. Only 25.7 perfect of recipients are black, despite what Trump thinks. The rest of the breakdown goes: “10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American”, according to a 2015 Department of Agriculture report.

    The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’s 2017 report states that white people outweigh other races by far when it comes to welfare: 6.2 million working-age whites benefited from government assistance programs in 2014, compared to only 2.8 million African Americans and 2.4 million Hispanics.

    And yet despite the fact that white people benefit so much from welfare programs, Trump is still making reform one of his biggest priorities this year. This racist is absolutely clueless and needs to be shown the door. America has no room for his bigotry and ignorance.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

    My passion is bringing attention to human rights and equality issues. In addition to writing for New Century Times and other political platforms, I also run a website and digital magazine dedicated to social issues and promoting equality in all forms.