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  • Virginia Governor Threatens To Punch Trump In The Face (VIDEO)

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    When discussing Donald Trump’s physical intimidation tactics, outgoing Virginia Gov. Terry McAullife (D) made it clear that if the bully-in-chief ever got the idea to get in his face, he’d be obliged to punch Trump in his oily, orange kisser.

    On Thursday, during an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball, the governor was asked by Chris Matthews how he’d react if Trump tried to pull the same intimidation tactic that he’d used on fmr. Secretary Hillary Clinton during one of the 2016 presidential debates, in which Trump menacingly hovered over her. The governor answered flatly:

    “You’d have to pick him up off the floor,” McAuliffe said.

    Surprised, Matthews asked with a laugh if he was implying that he would “deck” Trump. But McAuliffe wasn’t laughing when he replied:

    “You want to get in my space … you punch me, I’m going to punch you back twice as hard.”

    “But if he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my space, that would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that. I promise you that,” he added.

    Over the course of his short political career, Trump has used belligerence as both an offensive and defensive tool to deflect factual attacks and over-personalize disagreements with his political rivals and critics. Trump loves to pretend that he’s a tough guy, and hides behind his Tweets and the camera to issue threats and challenges to people without fear of answering to his words.

    However, Trump’s unstable behavior may soon come back to punch him much harder than McAullife or anyone else possibly could. Right now Special Counsel Robert Mueller is gathering evidence, and there’s a good chance that more indictments are on their way for people associated with Trump’s presidential campaign and possibly his administration. His approval ratings continue to decline each day he opens his mouth or tweets. And last but not least it’s 2018, a mid-term year, which means Democrats have a chance at winning back both houses of Congress.

    This prospect raises the genuine possibility of Trump’s impeachment, that is if he’s not dragged off in handcuffs beforehand.

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    Joe Clark

    I'm originally from Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans; now living North Texas. I'm a reformed "South Park Conservative" who has grown passionate about progressive issues like social justice, education, criminal justice reform, gun control, ending the war on drugs, and economic inequality. I believe America's a stronger nation when we come together as one to find a solution and humble ourselves enough to consider other points of view from our neighbors around the world. I don't believe in American exceptionalism, but I do believe America can only be an exceptional place as long as we can be brutally honest about its strengths and weaknesses.