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  • Trump Has Massive Meltdown On Twitter, Denies His Own Statements In Psychotic Rant (TWEETS)


    Last night, Donald Trump’s racism and overall disgusting nature was revealed once again when he was exposed in an explosive report for referring to immigrants from countries like Haiti, El Salvador and other African nations as “people from sh*thole countries.”

    This totally seems like something that would come out of the mouth of someone who began his 2016 presidential campaign by calling people from Mexico “rapists” and “drug dealers”, which was followed up by the most racist, divisive campaign and political platform the country has ever seen. But of course, the president is denying these statements and he had a major meltdown this morning to try and prove his innocence (he isn’t fooling anyone).

    Early this morning, Trump threw a temper tantrum for several hours about immigration reform proposals that were given to him for approval by bipartisan lawmakers yesterday. In several tweets, he slammed the proposals with his usual erratic word salads, attacking Democrats:

    Trump is clearly furious about his racist comments being published, as it was during the DACA meeting that he reportedly made those remarks. And while Trump is now denying those comments up and down, the White House has yet to deny anything.

    After lashing out about DACA, Trump switched his attention to the “sh*thole” catastrophe and tried to deny and deflect the incident.

    A little over an hour later, Trump still wasn’t done. Trump tried to insist that the Democrats made up this story to make him look bad, which is hilarious due to the fact that Trump makes himself look bad on a daily basis.   

    We have no trouble believing that those racist comments came out of Trump’s mouth. He has trashed other countries before and has no respect for immigrants. Judging from Trump’s morning tweets, today is going to be a hell of a day for his Twitter account.

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    Patti Colli

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