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  • Trump Contradicts His Own Racist Comments In Bizarre MLK Speech, Internet Explodes (TWEETS)

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump shocked the entire world yesterday when he was exposed for one of his most racist comments yet, which he made at the DACA meeting.

    The president, who has previously made several racist comments such as calling immigrants from Mexico “rapists” and “drug dealers”, stated that immigrants coming from Haiti, El Salvador, and other African countries were from “sh*thole countries” and that he didn’t want those immigrants in the United States. It was a disgusting comment, and he’s been getting blasted since – even though he’s now denying that he ever said anything like that (we don’t believe him at all).

    To make this situation even worse, today Trump had to pay tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. as he signed a proclamation to honor the civil rights leader’s legacy. It was exactly what MLK would NOT have wanted, given the racist comments Trump had just made the day before, but Trump still had the audacity to do it. And Trump didn’t stop there – he made some extremely surprising, contradictory comments as well.

    During this proclamation signing, Trump stated that anyone can be an American citizen, regardless of where you are born. Yes, these words just came out of the mouth of a man who condemned “sh*thole countries” yesterday. Trump said:

    “No matter what the color of our skin or the place of birth, we are all equal by God.”

    If the irony and outright hypocrisy of that statement doesn’t make your stomach turn a little, I don’t know what will. Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to recognize this and throw a fit at Trump’s disgusting, dishonest actions. Here are some of the most brutal replies as the internet exploded:

    This, however, is probably the best. We all know that Trump didn’t mean what he said, and that he didn’t write those lines. He didn’t even mean them. Trump should have been abandoned during this speech, and those who still choose to associate with Trump and support him must also be condemned:

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    Patti Colli

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