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  • Right Wing Republican Has Had It With Trump, Sends Him Humiliating Tweet

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    A prominent neo-conservative political analyst, Bill Kristol, has come out on Twitter to attack President Trump for his “shithole countries” jibe by highlighting the story that recently emerged of a Ghanaian national turned US soldier, Emmanuel Mensah. Private Mensah was killed while attempting to save the lives of people in a burning building in an amazing feat of bravery. Kristol was quick to point out that Mensah had immigrated to the US from Ghana, and that Trump seemed to think that the citizens it produced were “subpar.”

    Trump has had a week from hell after the careless manner in which he referred to citizens of several countries as coming from “sh**hole countries.” The comments have sparked international condemnation of the controversial president and it seems on this occasion that he has exceeded even his own poor taste. The really bad news for Trump is that commentators like Bill Kristol would naturally be Trump supporters. This gradual degradation of his “base” is what will actually likely end the Trump presidency. Right now he is hemmed in by his own big mouth and he is quickly running out of friends. Even the people who helped him get to the presidency – like long-time cohort Steve Bannon – are now turning on Trump.

    The Trump presidency now looks even more doomed than ever. In this case Trump has already tried to call “fake news” by insisting that some of the reported things that he had said were not true. But the public’s patience is running out and with even conservative commentators openly criticizing him, Trump surely has a very short time left in the White House. It seems hard to imagine the presidency stumbling on to 2020. Vice President Mike Pence may need to start preparing himself to take over the presidency as the likelihood of impeachment of Trump gathers momentum daily and he only has himself to blame.

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