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  • MLK’s Nephew Just Told Trump To Go F*ck Himself After Trump Honors MLK

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    On Friday, one day after he made his most racist remarks to date while in the Oval Office, Donald Trump held a ceremony at the White House honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. three days in advance of the federal holiday bearing the slain civil rights leader’s name.

    In attendance at that ceremony was a very special guest: Isaac Newton Farris, Jr., Dr. King’s nephew. He spent the day at the White House as a guest of the president, and in an appearance on CNN after the ceremony, he told the cable news channel that, while he didn’t believe Trump was a racist “in the traditional sense,” he was of the opinion that Trump is “racially ignorant and racially uninformed.”

    “I think President Trump is racially ignorant and racially uninformed. But I don’t think he is a racist in the traditional sense. [It’s] another example of him speaking without knowing the facts.”

    Farris said that Trump addressed the issue in a brief get-together in the Oval Office before the ceremony with Vice President Pence and Housing Secretary Ben Carson both present. Carson, of course, is notoriously the only black member of Donald Trump’s Cabinet, and is conspicuously present at every event regarding people of color that the president is involved with.

    When Farris was asked by reporters what his uncle might have said to the president following his racist remarks, Farris said he would have told him “not to refer to African countries like that.”

    The president reportedly told Farris,

    “I am not the person that the media is making me out to be.”

    That’s hardly true — reports of Trump’s racism are so widespread and common that to believe he isn’t a racist at this point would require a willful ignorance that only the small segment of the American public that still supports him could possibly muster.

    It certainly didn’t help when Trump literally turned and ran away from reporters after being asked point blank immediately following the ceremony whether or not he was a racist.

    We all know the answer to that question.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images