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  • Fox News Fact Checks Trump Regarding Russia Collusion, Turn Their Back On Trump

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    Trump doesn’t have many friends in the media — or news networks that will buckle to cosign his lies. However, he has found allegiance with the Fox news network, with the president almost solely going to them if he needed a media contact. However, not everyone in the news network is quick to be his lapdog, with a Fox news anchor fact-checking President Trump’s claims that the Russian election meddling in 2016 is a “hoax.”

    A Hoax? Not So Much

    Russian meddling in the last election is a multifaceted issue involving collusion, money laundering, and a lot of online trolls. There are dedicated Russian “factories” that formulate plans using the help of fake accounts to influence and persuade opinions about American politics. The meddling infected Facebook ads and Twitter posts, all while positioning President Donald Trump as the right choice for US presidency.

    Anchor Shep Smith put the flame to Trump’s feet, saying that the “investigation is very real.” On his Wednesday show, Smith added that “President [is] again calling the Russia investigation a Democratic hoax. It is not.” Using facts to back up the validity of the investigation, Smith said that Fox news is closely following the investigation. Two people have pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI pertaining to the Russian interference.

    The two people are Mike Flynn, the Trump Campaign’s former national security advisor; and George Papadopoulos, who is a former Trump foreign-policy advisor. The Fox news anchor rounded out his message saying that Robert Mueller’s team has charged two individuals: Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, both who were former campaign managers and officials. Not only are they being investigated for participating in Russian meddling, but also for money laundering.

    What Is Shep Smith Responding to Anyway?

    His response might have been from a tweet by President Trump in which he claimed that there was no evidence of collusion, and called the investigation the “single greatest Witch Hunt in American history.”

    Sounds like he’s mad that we have a system of checks and balances here that stifles tyranny before it affects the American people. Oh well.

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