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  • Carrier To Layoff Hundreds After Trump Boasted About Saving Jobs; Workers Furious At Trump

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    More than 200 former Carrier air-conditioning plant workers in Indiana will lose their jobs on Thursday. They are taking this opportunity to expose the many pitfalls of President Donald Trump’s economic and manufacturing agenda, in the hopes of helping President Trump save US manufacturing. The platform that they chose to do this is interesting — they are going to live stream the discussion while hanging out at a local Indiana bar.

    The 215 workers are the last of 600 positions that Carrier has eliminated. Take note that Trump’s economic agenda has allowed Carrier to earn a $7 million tax rebate to stay in Indiana. The first rumors of Carrier potentially letting go of their employees date back to 2017. Carrier was about to move their operations out to Mexico, with President Trump taking the opportunity to become some sort of economic hero with a heralded intervention. Shortly after President Trump became elected, Carrier announced that it had penned a deal with him, and they will keep approximately 1070 jobs in Indianapolis for ten years in exchange for the $7 million tax incentive.

    Where Can You Watch This Live Stream?

    The workers will be live streaming the discussion about President Trump’s manufacturing and economic agenda at 7 PM on Wednesday at Sully’s Bar and Grill in Indianapolis.

    This event will be sponsored by the Good Jobs Nation, an organization that represents over 2 million federal contract workers. The workers will share how the loss of their jobs will affect their likelihood and their confidence in President Trump.

    Regardless of proposed tax cuts, the sad reality is that companies are offshoring jobs at triple the rate under President Trump than they did under former President Barack Obama — and it’s only going to get worse.

    The live stream is going to happen over at the official Facebook page of Good Jobs Nation.

    Featured image via Getty/Tasos Katopodis