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  • BREAKING: Trump’s A-List Advisors Are Preparing Their Exits; Chaos Underway


    The Trump administration’s first year has been anything but successful. The amount of members within the president’s cabinet who have reportedly resigned is extremely unprecedented.

    After the release of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, which explains much of the Trump administration’s irresolvable dysfunction, many of Trump’s A-List advisors or some may refer to as “Trump’s babysitters” have questioned whether or not they should continue their terms.

    As Axios pointed out, “more than half a dozen of the more skilled White House staff are contemplating imminent departures” and many leaving are “quite fearful about the next chapter of the Trump presidency.”

    Evidently, that means the advisors who actually have prior experience in their field (unlike Ivanka and Kushner who landed their cheeky White House roles solely because of nepotism) are contemplating and/or allegedly planning their departures.

    Now, these advisors as Ross Douthat this week called “Trump’s Petticoat Government”  are the coalition of people who keep Trump from making irrational, snap decisions. Decisions that are based off of pure emotion and not logic. More often than not, these are the people who prevent Trump from tweeting out alarming remarks that could potentially result in World War III.

    If Trump’s intelligent advisors decide to quit, we can expect the White House to go down (figuratively  speaking, of course). This decision is crucial because there would be no one left to calm the president’s nerves when a foreign leader speaks poorly of him and he wants to get revenge. There would be no one left to drop a small amount of reasoning into his miniature-sized brain. Ultimately, logic and stability will be thrown out the window, and all the White House will be left with is the remaining members of the swamp and a poor excuse for a president.


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