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  • Democrat Slams Trump To His Face About Border Wall During Meeting At White House (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump just got dressed down in front of the media by Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar over Trump’s proposed Southern border wall. “I always get a kick out of people that go down and spend a few hours [at the border] and think they know the border better than some of us there,” Cuellar told Trump.

    As a Texan Representative, Cuellar is well aware of the problems that are caused by the Southern border and is one of many who believes that there are more favorable ways of dealing with the problems there. He spoke of his awareness of the problems, but insisted that there were far more at the ports than the land border with Mexico. “You can put the most beautiful wall out there and it’s not going to stop them,” Cuellar remarked.

    “The other thing that we’ve got to look at, the wall itself, talk to your Border Patrol chief or the former Border Patrol chief, I’ve asked them, how much time does a wall buy you? It will save a couple minutes or a few seconds. Our own border patrol chiefs have said that.”

    The much-vaunted wall that Trump promised before becoming president, seems to be further away than ever. It has taken a backseat to other Trump policies such as the travel ban and tax reform. But it now seems that it is back on the agenda and Trump even threatened to hold so-called “Dreamers” to ransom over their future in order to make some progress on it.

    The major issue facing him is the cost. Though on many occasions Trump has asserted that Mexico will somehow fund the wall, it has been constantly rebuffed by the Mexican government. In fact, a former President of Mexico has even gone viral for his own musings on the wall and who is going to pay for it. It seems for now at least, the wall that Trump dreamed of is going to remain a figment of his imagination.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images