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  • Trump Takes Jab At Rural Farmers At Their Own Convention; Insults Them Bigly

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    On Monday, President Donald Trump visited the American Farm Bureau Federation for their annual convention. During his speech addressing the farming community, the president reminded attendees that they were “so lucky” that he gave them the “privilege” of voting for him during the last general election. He made these assertions based on his push for deregulation.

    President Trump was at the Tennessee convention to promote his GOP tax bill that was passed in the last weeks of 2017. He spotlighted how farmers would apparently benefit from changes in the estate tax as well as decreased regulations.

    “Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege,” he quipped. He went ahead and reminded them that the “other choice” – referring to Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton – wasn’t going to “work out too well for the farmers.”

    Trump’s Self-Aggrandizement; It’s a Bit Shortsighted

    Trump mentioned that Hillary Clinton would have been a poor choice for America’s farming community. However, her position on agricultural policies honed in on safe food regulations tempered by innovation in agriculture. Clinton’s position promoted healthy food options for our schools, revising dietary guidelines, and granting the Food and Drug Administration power to regulate the safe production of food items.

    When it comes to farming, her position was to encourage investment in rural, small businesses by actually simplifying processes and regulations for infrastructure, community banks, and tax cuts. She wanted to relocate funding to help new farmers and promote clean energy alternatives.

    Trump’s narcissistic-like tendencies overshadow blaring contradictions, and his myopic views of perceived adversaries are pushing us down a dangerous path. Clinton had a suitable plan for the farming community. Attacking our foreign allies undermines our role in the international arena, and the Trump agenda will only alienate the American people from voting Republican in the next election.

    Take it down a few notches, Trump.

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