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  • Trump Finally Won An Award For Something, Receives Global Honor (DETAILS)

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    After an entire year of nonstop losing, Donald Trump finally won an award for something. But unfortunately for Trump, he’s probably not going to like this.

    A week ago, Trump tried to troll the media by coming up with his own “fake news” awards. He failed miserably to get significant support for this pathetic attack on the media, and only encouraged the media outlets to mock him even more.

    In the latest stance taken against Trump, the Committee to Protect Journalists responded to Trump’s awards ceremony by giving Trump an award of his own. Earlier today, the CPJ introduced the “Press Oppressors” awards, which targeted several world leaders for their attempts to suppress the First Amendment and limit the free press all over the world. And of course, Trump was “honored” with a prize of his own for all his hard work.

    The award that Trump was “honored” with was the award for Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom:

    “The United States, with its First Amendment protection for a free press, has long stood as a beacon for independent media around the world. While previous U.S. presidents have each criticized the press to some degree, they have also made public commitments to uphold its essential role in democracy, at home and abroad. Trump, by contrast, has consistently undermined domestic news outlets and declined to publicly raise freedom of the press with repressive leaders such as Xi, Erdoğan, and Sisi. Authorities in China, Syria, and Russia have adopted Trump’s “fake news” epithet, and Erdoğan has applauded at least one of his verbal attacks on journalists. Under Trump’s administration, the Department of Justice has failed to commit to guidelines intended to protect journalists’ sources, and the State Department has proposed to cut funding for international organizations that help buttress international norms in support of free expression. As Trump and other Western powers fail to pressure the world’s most repressive leaders into improving the climate for press freedom, the number of journalists in prison globally is at a record high.”

    There was another award that we also feel that Trump deserved – the award for most “thin-skinned” leader – but the committee gave that to Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Trump was the runner-up, though).

    You can read the full award list here.

    Featured image via Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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