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  • Entitled White Trump Supporter Goes Bat S*** Crazy After Black Woman Refuses To Give Up Seat (VIDEO)

    Politics, Racism

    There is a disgusting new video featuring an entitled white Trump supporter harassing an African American woman on a subway because she wouldn’t give up her seat.

    A nearby passenger filmed the incident.

    As the video begins, the Trump supporter is getting in the face of a black woman attempting to take her seat. The black woman called over to the man’s companion (who is a seated white female) and told her to “get your friend.”.

    The man screamed in her face, “get your c*nt!”

    The woman reacted by announcing, “I’m calling the f*cking cops on this little bitch!”

    From that point, the black woman took her seat but the man’s harassment continued. The man walked over to his companion who told him to calm down, but he persisted, and began to stomp his feet yelling “Donald Trump 2016!

    He looked at his companion, pointed to the black woman, and said:

    “Put them back in the f*****g fields where they belong.”

    His companion told him “That’s enough.”

    ‘You’ve revealed exactly who you are,’ replied the black woman.

    From the Daily Mail:

    The poster, named Johja Ka, posted a second video which shows the man continuing to yell at the woman in the seat.

    ‘Stupid f*****g b***h’ he screams at her. ‘Stupid f*****g arrogant b***h’

    ‘Get off!’ the woman who had been trying to calm the man down then tells him. ‘I’m good he says. ‘But she’s too f*****g stupid.’

    ‘You’re going to need to stop,’ she continues.

    ‘The way you’re behaving is okay as well,’ the woman sitting in the seat then questions him, to which he responds by giving her the middle finger.

    ‘Come for me b***h he screams, ‘You’re sitting down there b***h.’

    Another woman finally comes and pushes the man away from her, leading him off the train, as the woman asks the man ‘Are you five years old?’

    What’s truly sad about this video is that there were dozens of folks on the train who sat by and did nothing. In many parts of Europe, this kind of behavior would have been confronted by a mob of people coming to the defense of this woman.

    However, Donald Trump’s campaign has brought these insects out into the light. Just imagine what happens should he win in November? It’s not necessary to agree with or like Hillary Clinton, but stopping Donald Trump is necessary unless we want to see more of this and much worse.

    Featured image via YouTube




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