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  • Malia Obama Just Went After Ivanka, Dad, & Every A**hole In His Administration, Here’s How


    Now that Donald Trump is president, there’s an insane backlash to his policies from all over the country. Whether it’s hundreds of thousands of women protesting his insanity, or random protests all over the country and the world, there’s clear resistance to this man and his administration and it marks the first time we’ve seen this type of activism in our country since the tumultuous 1960’s.

    Now that her dad is no longer president, Malia Obama can be more vocal about her own stances on important issues and she just sent a message to the Trump tribe and administration that they can go screw themselves by aligning herself with Standing Rock:

    “The 18-year-old student, who will be heading off to Harvard University later this year, was one of approximately 100 people who gathered on Main Street at the Sundance Film Festival to let it be known how upset she was with President Trump’s plan to move forward with the controversial transport system. The group braved the blistering cold and heavy snowfall as they held up signs reading ‘Exist. Resist. Rise.’ and ‘Impeach corporate control.”

    President Trump has chosen to move forward with the Dakota access pipeline, disregarding the peoples’ protests, all for the sake of immediate but temporary monetary gain, ignoring the long-term ramifications. His daughter Ivanka says absolutely nothing about his anti-human rights and anti-women stances. But, not Malia.

    It’s important that people with a background like Malia speak out on important issues like the pipeline. She’s simply carrying on a tradition in the family. Her father was a community organizer before he entered politics and became president.

    Standing Rock needs all the help that it can get at this point with a man like Trump, his kids, and the crazies he’s assembled in his administration running the country. Trump, who thus far appears to have no regard for human rights, also appears to be giving war criminals in Israel a blank check to do what they want to Palestinians. So, his stance on Standing Rock isn’t a surprise.

    Featured image via video screenshot.