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  • Jared Kushner Just Destroyed Our Alliances With The World; This Is A Disaster

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    Jared Kushner is President Trump’s son-in-law and was appointed as a senior White House adviser and de facto “second” Secretary of State — whatever that means. It’s reported that he is not interested in one of the quintessential tasks of being part of a president’s administration, and that is to cater to international alliances and relationships.

    According to Politico, Kushner has reportedly shown very little interest in maintaining crucial alliances throughout the world, especially with the countries in Western Europe. An official told Politico that Kushner stated that he was a “businessman” and that he didn’t “care about the past.” “Old allies can be enemies, or enemies can be friends, so the past doesn’t count,” Kushner added. Kushner’s confidante said that they were “taken aback” by these revelations.

    Why Our International Alliances Matter

    The United States is a superpower and has significant influence in the international community. It’s in the best interest of America’s foreign policies to act multilaterally and mobilize with international allies to address global concerns.

    This administration is an anomaly, fanning isolationist rhetoric. Even though Trump is not the only cause of America’s unease in the global arena, he and his administration have done a poor job at catering to alliances. He has attacked our allies when they were down, questioned NATO’s motives, attacked London’s mayor, and accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, while residents were embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with Gulf allies.

    American unease and the “America first” mentality will cause alliances to shutter, with Kushner’s quotes representing that shortsighted mantra. The manner in which Kushner and Trump have aired their concerns risks placing a significant strain on our international relationships.

    “No man is an island entire of itself,” wrote the English poet John Donne in 1624. The same is true of nations.

    We need real leadership who understands this — now.

    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images