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  • Batsh*t Crazy Republican Wants To Run For Al Franken’s Seat; This Is Insane

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    Al Franken has ousted himself from the Senate after several allegations of sexual misconduct were levied against him – charges that he took full responsibility for. Now, politicians are rushing to take his Senate seat, and one of them is a Christian fundamentalist that we are all very familiar with: Michele Bachmann.

    Bachmann appeared on a right-wing Christian broadcast to say that she “had people contact me and urge me to run for that Senate seat.” Despite the proposed support, Bachmann is a bit hesitant about a potential Senate race, saying that the “swamp is toxic.”

    She could be hinting at all of the swamp monsters that ascended into positions of power under Trump, even though “Drain the swamp” was one of his rally cries. She added that she wasn’t a “billionaire” like many of these people, who had the resources to defend their reputations.

    Bachmann added that she’s calling on God to help her make a wise decision. When it came to her unsuccessful 2012 run for president, Bachmann reflected by saying that “I fulfilled the calling that God gave me,” and that she wasn’t sure if God was calling her to run again in the future.

    What Does Bachmann Think of Trump?

    Bachmann has praised Trump as a man of faith. It’s a designation that boggles the minds of anyone who is even remotely educated on the Christian faith, as he does not represent any tenet of Christianity, with some arguing that he represents the antithesis of that religion.

    While speaking at the conservative Values Voter Summit this past October, Bachmann spoke to other people who were also disconnected from reality, in particular, Evangelical Christians.

    “I want all of you to know that the president is a committed believer. He is a man of faith.”

    Bachmann would have an uphill battle if she were to ever run for Senate, especially with the incoming Blue wave of 2018.

    Featured image via Getty Images/ Tasos Katopodis.