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Trump Just Threw A Fit About People Hating Him, America Responds PERFECTLY (TWEETS)

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Americans all over the country are making sure that Donald Trump doesn’t forget how unpopular he is for a second – and it’s definitely getting to him after two weeks of nonstop protests, opposition and resistance.

Early this morning, Trump once again confirmed that he’s far too emotionally unstable and egotistical to do his new job correctly. He’s still so bothered by his pathetically small inauguration crowds and the fact that he lost the popular vote by three million that he couldn’t help but start the day with a temper tantrum on Twitter.

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Somehow still in denial that most of America hates him, Trump tweeted that everyone who opposed him was a “professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters”:

There is absolutely zero logic in what Trump wrote, but that’s become the norm for this presidency. As usual, America responded with a brilliant amount of scorn to put Trump back in his place. As soon as Trump tweeted this nonsense, Twitter erupted in mockery as people wondered how they could become a “professional anarchist”:

And of course, there was one very Trump-like response:

We’re sorry to break it to you, Donald, but no one needs to be paid in order to protest you. Millions of people around the world even LOST money by taking a day off of work to protest and participate in the massive Women’s March on Washington. THAT’S how unpopular Trump is.

Every American has their different reasons for protesting against Trump, whether it’s his assault on refugees, women’s rights, minorities, his Obamacare repeal or his disgusting economic policies and foreign relations. But one thing we can all unite in is the fact that he’s the worst thing to happen to America, he doesn’t deserve to be in the White House, and he must be stopped before he can do further damage.

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