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  • Trump Meets With Coast Guard, Disrespects Every Member In The Worst Way (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump has quite a history of disrespecting America’s service members, the country’s true heroes. We can’t even keep track of how many times Trump was supposed to be at an event praising veterans, members of our military, or the country’s first responders and instead decided to spend the entire time bragging about himself and going completely off topic in one of his rants. Unfortunately, Trump has done it again – and this time it’s even more disgraceful.

    Trump said he would be getting “back to work” the day after Christmas, but so far Trump has been golfing every singe day. Today marks the fourth consecutive day that Trump has chosen golf over work, and he’s gotten so bold with his avoidance of work that he’s actually trying to perform his presidential duties from his golf courses now.

    Earlier today, Trump invited members of the U.S. Coast Guard to his golf property in Florida. In meeting with the Coast Guard, Trump posed for pictures and gave some miniscule praise to them for their hurricane relief efforts – and then invited them to a private golf tournament so that he could brag about his own performance. In speaking to the Coast Guard and reporters, Trump bragged about how his property was “one of the great courses of the world” and even bragged about himself to the media. Trump said:

    “The media is terrific. All of you were watching my shot. Did you see it? The shot and the birdie. I made it. They will say it’s a triple-bogey, but I actually got a birdie.”

    Trump never ceases to hit new lows in his unpresidential behavior. This is NOT how a president is supposed to honor the heroes of our country.

    You can watch this cringeworthy display below:

    Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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