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  • Trump Making Major Staff Changes Before Midterm Elections; WH In Panic Mode

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    The midterm elections are happening in November 2018. However, the Trump administration is preemptively shuffling around to protect itself and its agenda.

    The White House is appearing to make a significant overhaul in its senior staff by next month. Some of these expected changes come at a turning point, after Trump’s tumultuous yet victorious year in the passing of his Republican tax bill. The GOP tax bill is considered a “win” by the Trump administration – even though it is disconnected from the American people and will primarily benefit the wealthy and corporations. Even several GOP leaders have noted that this tax bill has done too much to help corporations, and not enough to aid the everyday citizen.

    What Are These 2018 Staff Changes?

    One of the proposed changes will be Johnny DeStefano possibly joining the administration. He is a White House aide who has worked closely with the former House Speaker John Boehner. His role is to help with political outreach.

    DeStefano will oversee the Office of Public Liaison, which recently ousted Omarosa Manigault. DeStefano would also look over the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, all while being the White House personnel chief. The Office of Public Liaison connects the White House to outside interest groups, which can further insulate the Republican Party during the midterm election.

    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is going to also tap Jim Carroll as a top deputy. There have been reports that this move was made public back in November, and it will be finalized sometime next month. Carroll will be replacing the vacancy left by Kirstjen Nielsen, who has worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security. This particular change is being overseen by Kelly, who wants to bring stability to the White House after a turbulent year. He is doing this to ensure that any departures that come from the midterm elections don’t derail the White House.

    Who is Johnny DeStefano?

    DeStefano has close ties with several higher-ups at the Republican National Committee, and that may help him in the White House to encourage more organizational cohesion. Before working in the White House, DeStefano ran a company that provided Intel to the RNC, with him being one of the top officials that had helped the House Republicans in 2010 – when the party took back the majority.

    President Donald Trump, Reaching out to Democrats?

    There is also a desire from Trump to win over some Democrats behind bipartisan legislation – which could be a feat that may prove to be difficult. Trump wants to rally Democrats and Republicans for a health care bill, an infrastructure package, as well as laws to address young immigrants who directly benefit from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – or DACA.

    In the first year alone, numbers compiled by the Brookings Institution has noted that 34% of senior Trump officials have either been fired, resigned, or left the role entirely. Before President Trump, the next highest turnover rate was during the Ronald Reagan era, with 17% of people fleeing their positions.

    The Blue Wave of 2018 is not going to help those numbers.

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