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  • White House Intern Flashes Nazi Symbol During Group Photo With Trump (IMAGE)

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    The Trump administration will be thrown into yet more turmoil after a picture emerged of a White House intern making a known gesture for “white power” in a photo taken at the White House. The former White House intern has been identified as Jack Breuer. The story has been laughed off by a fellow former intern who thought it was probably a prank, despite the fact that it was clearly on purpose.

    Jack Breuer
    Image Courtesy: Benjamin Paul SWNS.com/White House

    The news will come as a blow to Trump who has long claimed that even though he appeared on several occasions to support the so-called Alt-right movement, he is not in fact a racist. But while he may claim to not be a racist, it seems clear that the Alt-right are big fans of Trump and have been vociferous supporters of him since his presidential campaign.

    While probably quite low on Trump’s list of problems, it is yet another signal that the Alt-right is drawn to Trump and his nationalistic ideas. He has done little to distance himself from the group as he has been keen to not offend what makes up a large portion of his so-called “base.”

    The former intern’s actions may well have been a prank (though that’s highly unlikely), but regardless, it’s one that will damage the president further. He has been unable to get away from the idea that he’s the racist president.

    Still, with everything going on around him, it’s surely just another day for the hapless president. Bouncing from one disaster to another is a Trump trademark. Perhaps the best thing Trump could do is embrace how bad he is and try and turn it into something positive like a TV show! I doubt he would hate that idea, as he seems his happiest when he’s the center of attention and playing to the crowd. Perhaps this whole experience has been a TV show, like a cross between Punk’d and Fawlty Towers. While probably not true, it would at least explain away the last 13 months in American history.

    Let’s just hope he’s canceled after one season.

    Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images