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  • Trump Sets A New Record As President; Even Republicans Can’t Brag About This


    In their first year of running (more like ruining) the White House, the Trump administration — racked by a series of prominent resignations, firings and departures — has the highest level of first-year staff turnover of any White House in 40 years, according to the latest report by the Wall Street Journal.

    As reported, President Trump has seen a 34 percent turnover rate of senior aides leaving the White House, citing figures from the Brookings Institution, which has kept a tally of comings and goings in past administrations.

    The results show that 21 of the 61 Trump senior officials tracked have either resigned, been fired, or reassigned. Yes, this means Trump surpassed former President Reagan’s record, which had 17 percent of its senior aides leave during its first year in 1981. In addition, Trump’s turnover rate is three times higher than President Obama’s 9 percent and President Clinton’s 11 percent.

    Trump’s administration has seen a slew of notable and some not-so-notable departures, including National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, chief strategist Steve Bannon, Chief of Staff Reine Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted just over week as the White House communications director.

    Needless to say, such a turnover is highly unprecedented. As experts pointed out, “the first year always seems to have some missteps on staffing, often because the skills that worked well running a campaign don’t always align with what it takes to run a government.”

    In this case, it’s a president who only specializes in firing people on a reality show and working on his golf swing. He has no honorary experience in running a nation and on top of that, the people around him also have little to no experience whatsoever.

    If past administrations are a guide, Trump’s second year won’t be much better. Reagan’s turnover went from 17 percent in 1981 to 40 percent the next year. Twenty-seven percent of Clinton’s staff left in the second year, and President George W. Bush, who lost just 6 percent of his advisers in the first year, saw that rate jump to 27 percent the next year.

    The Trump administration will soon hit rock bottom, if it haven’t so already.


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