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Melania Sends Out A Christmas Selfie; Instantly Regrets It (TWEETS)


First lady Melania Trump was definitely in the holiday spirit when she posted a cheeky selfie on Twitter this morning, sharing a picture of herself using a Santa hat filter and shimmering reindeer with the caption “#MerryChristmas.”

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Surely, Melania was expecting some heartfelt Christmas messages, but much to her surprise, America wasn’t really in the giving mood.

Some pointed out the ‘classiness’ of the photo, often comparing it to former First Lady Michelle Obama:

Others questioned why she would even post such a selfie in the first place:

Nevertheless, waking up on Christmas morning knowing that the Trump family still occupies the White House is such a disappointment. Plus, Melania and the rest of the Trump clan are still wasting hard-earned taxpayer money on Christmas at Mar-a-Lago. So, you can’t really blame Americans for bashing this photo.

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