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  • Donald Trump Jr. F*cks Up, Accidentally Tells World He Supports Pedophilia (TWEET)

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    Just like his father, Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account is filled with f*ck ups and very revealing information about his personal beliefs. Last night, Trump Jr.’s account revealed some very interesting, damning information about his personal beliefs, and showed the world just how similar he is to his dad.

    Thanks to the Twitter-bot @TrumpsAlerts, the world has been notified that Trump Jr. liked a tweet from Mike Cernovich, which pointed to a 2014 op-ed b7 by Rutgers School of Law assistant professor Margo Kaplan in the New York Times. The op-ed spoke about how pedophilia was “a disorder, not a crime”, making the argument that being attracted to children is a mental illness and that law enforcement should focus on prevention over punishment for perpetrators.

    Here are the screenshots, in which Trump Jr. unknowingly expressed his support for child molesters to the world:

    The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree apparently. Trump Jr.’s very embarrassing Twitter blunder comes just days after his father campaigned for an accused child molester, Republican Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of molesting several women when they were teenagers, while he was well into his thirties. Moore’s attraction to young girls was so deadly and problematic, that he was even banned from a mall for harassing teens.

    Trump Jr.’s father, who is unfortunately the President of the United States, also has his own long history of sexual assault accusations as well as a child rape case. The child rape lawsuit was dropped, but Trump had been accused of raping a 13 year old girl – much like the accusations against Moore. As Trump Jr. is the most like his father out of the Trump children, it only makes sense that he would feel the same way about child molestation – and accidentally announce it to everyone.

    Featured image via screenshots

    Patti Colli

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