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  • Eminem Just Called Trump Out AGAIN, This Is Brutal (AUDIO)

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    A few months ago, Eminem blew everyone’s minds when he unleashed an epic anti-Trump freestyle at the BET awards. And it turns out, that was just the beginning of the rapper’s crusade against America’s current Tweeter in Chief.

    Today Eminem released his new album, Revivalwhich features the epic anti-Trump song “Like Home” featuring Alicia Keys. In the track, Eminem attacks Trump in line after line, calling him out as a white supremacist with an “Aryan” reference, and mocks the president for watching “Fox News like a parrot and repeats.” Eminem also calls out Trump’s supporters, saying that Trump and his fanbase are a “cult.” In one part, Eminem raps:

    “Can’t denounce the Klan, ‘cause they play golf with ya / You stay on Twitter, way to get your hate off, Nazi / I do not see a way y’all differ.”

    Genius has posted the lyrics already, here’s the second verse:

    The swastika with your name carved in it
    Should be your trademark, ’cause it’s all you played off
    And you just took the plate off
    So I guess it pays to feed off of chaos
    So basically, you Adolf Hitler
    But you ain’t ruining our country, punk
    You won’t take our pride from us, you won’t define us
    ‘Cause like a dictionary, things are looking up
    So much, got a sprained neck, know we would rise up
    Against this train wreck and take a stand
    Even if it mean sittin’ when they raise the flag
    This ain’t the Star Spangled Banner
    This man just praised a statue of General Lee
    ‘Cause he generally hates the black people, degrades hispanics

    Despite its brutal attack on Trump, “Like Home” is actually about the strength of America’s true values, and how its people will overcome the disgusting divisiveness and chaos that Trump has tried to destroy it with. Eminem says, “he’ll only unite us.” Eminem also paid homage to Heather Heyer, a counter protester who died as a result of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, when he said:

    “If we start from the scratch like a scab for scars to heal / And band together for Charlottesville / And for Heather, fallen heroes.”

    You can listen to a clip of “Like Home” below:

    The entire album features socially conscious lyrics and touches on themes such as police brutality and racism. The album is pretty much everything that Trump hates – and when he hears Eminem getting praise for roasting him AGAIN, he’s certainly going to lose it.

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    Patti Colli

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