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  • BREAKING: Another Trump Nominee Calls It Quits (DETAILS)


    In the midst of the Omarosa Manigault resignation, another Trump appointed nominee pick drops out. Michael Dourson,who was hand-picked by Trump to become the nation’s top regulator of toxic chemicals has withdrawn his nomination after facing heavy criticism over his close ties to the chemical industry.

    According to two Senate aides, Dourson told the administration that he was withdrawing from consideration for the post at the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday. The EPA did not respond to requests for comment.

    Dourson is reportedly the 39th Trump nominee to drop out of consideration for federal government positions. In addition, Dourson worked as a scientist at the EPA more than 20 years ago, before founding the nonprofit consulting group Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment, which evaluates the toxicity of chemicals. Besides his chemical work, he writes science-Bible stories on the side.

    A series of environmental groups, including the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, and League of Conservation Voters, praised the news about Dourson’s withdrawal, indicating that he is not suited for this position.

    Leave it to Trump to nominate unqualified people for government positions. These individuals are likely to cause more harm than good for our country, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue for Trump. With most of his administration resigning, it will be interesting to see what the so-called president will do next.


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