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  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Attacks Obama Over Economy; Trump’s Jealous


    Sarah Huckabee Sanders has blasted former US President Barack Obama for claiming that he helped the United States avoid an economic depression. Speaking to Fox, Sanders said, “It is laughable president Obama thinks he has anything to do with the success of the economy.” Crediting Trump for growing “consumer confidence,” the press secretary said that this is probably the best time for manufacturing jobs.


    The Trump administration has worked hard to try and undo everything that the previous Obama administration did, by overturning legislation to trying to ruin his reputation. Even before Trump was president, he ran with a proven false insinuation that Obama wasn’t even American. This latest episode is just the most recent of Trump trying to ruin the Obama legacy.

    While Press Secretary Sander’s claim might sound genuine, it isn’t. CNN reported:

    “The US economy has created 1.9 million jobs so far this year, according to Trump’s own Labor Department. That’s not bad, but during the same period, from January through November of last year, the economy created nearly 2.1 million jobs. Trump took office on January 20, 2017, but even if you remove January from the equation, the numbers still favor Obama. From February to November last year, the economy created 1.96 million jobs. During the same period this year, it created 1.7 million jobs. Jobs are not ‘roaring back,’ as Trump claims. The job market is actually underperforming compared to last year.”

    Trump is still trying to control the media narrative on the economy and conveniently leaving out that Obama added 200,000 more jobs in the period between January and November last year than Trump managed in the same period this year. Trump’s almost Orwellian media manipulation is on a par with states like North Korea, where the government-run media lie to the people constantly passing it off as the truth.

    Unfortunately for Trump, America still has an open media and access to facts, but we’re surely only an executive order away from that no longer being the case either.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images