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  • Trump Attacks Obama’s Legacy; Your Next Airplane Ticket May Have This Extra Charge

    Donald Trump, Economy

    President Donald Trump seems hellbent in erasing any sort of influence that former President Barack Obama had during his tenure in the White House. In another senseless attack, Trump’s administration is doing away with an Obama-era proposal that required airlines and ticket agencies to disclose their baggage fees. To promote transparency, these mandate required charges were front and center at the beginning of the buying process, and not be incredulously tacked onto the cost of an airline ticket.

    The Department of Transportation took it to the Federal Register to announce the reversal of the policy. The Federal Register aggregates proposed rules and policy changes by government agencies. The DOT also introduced another plan that required air carriers to disclose the amount of money they make from charging other fees. The administration was straightforward in saying that this will have “limited public benefit.” However, the pro-business agenda of the Trump administration seems dedicated to releasing any restraints to America’s capitalism, sacrificing environmental and safety regulations along the way.

    What Does This Mean?

    Airlines are already required to disclose information about peripheral fees on their websites, but consumer advocacy groups note that it is still challenging for would-be flyers to compare prices. The reversal of this policy only makes it more difficult for consumers, since they won’t know about added baggage fees until later in the sales funnel.

    The Trump administration’s efforts to do away with this proposal drew the attention of Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal is a United States Senator from Connecticut and an ardent supporter and defender of airline passenger protections. Blumenthal has a website dedicated to teaching citizens about their airline rights.

    Late yesterday, Blumenthal tweeted his frustrations, saying that eradicating this rule for airlines to be more transparent is “about as anti-consumer as it gets.”

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