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  • Jimmy Carter Makes STUNNING Anouncement; Trump, Ivanka & Jared FUMING


    Since he left office decades ago, former president Jimmy Carter had made it his life’s mission to better the world around him and he’s certainly done wonderful things since he left office. One of his passions is solving the Israeli-Palestinian impasse and he even wrote a book about how to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinian people.

    Like many around him, Carter recognizes that Israel’s decades long occupation of the Palestinian people and their ethnic cleansing campaign to rid Palestine of its people is criminal.  Thus, he’s calling on President Obama to recognize a Palestinian state and end the oppression and the systemic abuse of the Palestinian people that the U.S., with its billions of dollars of support to Israel, has implicitly accepted. Here’s his op-ed in the New York Times:

    “I am convinced that the United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine.”

    One of the biggest obstacles to peace are the settlements the state of Israel has built on Palestinian land. President Obama allowed a resolution to pass condemning the settlements, which are illegal are international law. That left Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu unhinged, who immediately received support from President-elect Donald Trump who promised that the United Nations will be different once he’s president in a cryptic tweet he posted. Jared Kurshner, Trump’s son-in-law, is also an avid supporter of Israeli settlements in Palestine and both have donated thousands to them, which violate the Geneva Conventions.

    If Obama wants to cement his legacy and uphold universal human rights, then he should recognize Palestine at the United Nations. Do it Mr. President!

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.